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Cold-pressed juice and Mexican Candy? Juice is amazing, but add that to the flavors of San Diego, and you have a whole new world of possibilities. With Tijuana just 15 minutes away, craft beer and fish tacos as staples, and our wide variety of local ingredients, we have created a great juice that taps into the local palette.

Our Mexican Candy juice is one of our most popular flavors, and is made with tangerine, orange, tamarind, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar and raw coconut palm sugar.

Mexican Candy, a staple of San Diego’s children and adults alike, is a sweet, spicy treat traditionally made with tamarind, a fruit from Asia and North Africa with plenty of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, treating stomach issues, and promoting a healthy heart. The tamarind fruit is very acidic, and can be extremely sour by itself, but it very popular around the world, especially in chutneys, stews, and marinades, as well as desserts!

It’s a bold, spicy juice for those who love strong flavors. Those who enjoy adult beverages might even want to try using Mexican Candy as a mixer in a tequila or mezcal cocktail!

Sold in our glass bottles, be sure to return your empty bottle for $1 off your next juice purchase.


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