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Juice 101

Lucky Dutch Juice & Delivery is committed to delivering the absolute best cold-pressed juice possible.

As a result, that is why we only use organic ingredients, employ glass bottles for our packaging, and produce cold pressed juices without HPP or centrifugal juicers.

Everyone knows the benefits of eating organic fruits and vegetables. By using only organic ingredients we avoid the chemical pesticides that are sprayed on non-organic produce. Lucky Dutch doesn’t do organic “whenever possible”. Hence, if we can’t find it organic, we won’t press that juice. It all comes down to our motto, Quality Over Compromise.

Our beautiful glass bottles aren’t just an aesthetic choice, they serve a very practical purpose. By using glass instead of plastic we are able to avoid the chemicals BPA and BPS, which exhibit hormone-like properties and are known to cause lasting harm.

High Pressure Processing, known as HPP, is a pasteurization process that preserves and sterilizes food and juice by applying very high pressure through a water bath that surrounds the product. Enzymes in unpasteurized juice start dying after 5-7 days. There is nothing to be done that can prevent this natural process. HPP extends shelf life to 30 days or more, but compromises nutritional quality of the juice by killing off enzymes and essential nutrients.

The FDA recently specified that anything that has undergone HPP couldn’t be labeled as “fresh.” This artificial extension of the lifespan of juice is something that Lucky Dutch is against and doesn’t use, unlike the vast majority of our competitors. Consequently, we are part of the #3andUnder movement, which is the mark of a truly fresh juice. Our juices retain as much of their nutrients as possible.

Finally, one way we ensure that is by using a cold press juicer, which presses fresh fruit and vegetable pulp into juice. Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, use a fast-spinning metal blade to create juice, but this blade heats up to a fairly high temperature, which destroys enzymes and nutrients, then the heat oxidizes those nutrients, leaving the juice significantly less nutritious. Most juice companies use this detrimental process, but Lucky Dutch only creates cold pressed juices.

Juice Cleanses

Thinking about doing a juice cleanse? We have the best San Diego juice cleanse packages available!

The Only Juice Cleanse You’ll Ever Need

The Lucky Dutch Juice Cleanse provides you with 25 lbs. of organic, juiced produce per day, flooding your body with nutrients, oxygen, and healing enzymes. By allowing your digestive system to rest, your body has the opportunity to direct its energy toward cleansing, repairing, and healing at a deep cellular level.

All of our juice is cold processed using a hydraulic press, extracting maximum vitamin and mineral content, preserving natural enzymes, and producing the highest quality juice possible for maximum absorption and assimilation.


What Makes Our Cleanse Different?

Our cleanse is custom-designed to provide sufficient calories to go about your normal daily activities with enough energy to work, exercise, and live your life to the fullest. You can cleanse, heal, and live at the same time.

Most juice cleanses do not have enough calories to maintain a high level energy and a positive mood. You end up feeling drained and exhausted. Our cleanse is different. You receive 8 bottles of juice per day, most of which is green juice.

By not relying so heavily on fruit and having our product made of mostly vegetables, you will have a steady stream of the right vitamins and minerals throughout your Lucky Dutch Juice Cleanse. Our juices are never watered-down and have just the right amount of fruit to keep them tasty and satisfying while keeping your blood sugar steady.

  • 8x as much produce per day as an average store-bought cleanse
  • 20x as many greens per day as an average cleanse, giving you the core nutrients that make cleansing worthwhile
  • 33% more juice than an average cleanse, keeping you full and satisfied
  • 100% organic juice, never watered-down
  • Alkaline water included (essential to help flush your system while juicing!)


The cleanse we were looking for didn’t exist anywhere on the market, so we decide to make it ourselves!  We are so excited to offer the highest quality juice, cold-pressed daily. Your health is worth investing in.

All of Our Cleanses Include 8 Juices and 2 Alkaline Waters:

Black Lemonade (1)

Indestructible Green (3)

Apple, Beet, Carrot, Lemon, Ginger (1)

Green Apple, Pear, Spinach, Kale, Orange, Ginger (2)

Mexican Candy (1)

Alkaline Water (2)

(essential while juice cleansing to help flush your system)


Your Cleanse Options and Pricing

  • 1 Day Cleanse – $85
  • 2 Day Cleanse – $160, $80 per day (save $10)
  • 3 Day Cleanse – $235, $78 per day (save $20)
  • 5 Day Cleanse – $375, $75 per day (save $50)

All cleanses include 8 bottles of juice and 2 bottles of alkaline water daily.

This is Us

Lucky Dutch Juice & Delivery is a cold-pressed juice company using 100% organic ingredients to make amazing juices, nut milks, teas, and lemonades. Locally sourced, locally produced, and locally consumed, Lucky Dutch strives to create delicious, exciting flavors with the best possible ingredients. Quality Over Compromise, always.

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